North Coast Energy Solutions

An Installer Owned Company

Windows, Doors and Energy Efficient Lighting

North Coast Energy Solutions is a window, door and energy efficient lighting sales and installation company based in Northeast Ohio.  We are an INSTALLER OWNED company that has been installing windows, doors and lighting since 1996.

"Installer owned" means you deal direct with the installer.  No commission based sales gimmicks.  No dog and pony presentations. 

An in home sales call with a corporate owned window company can last up to two hours with repeat meetings to 'negotiate' a deal.  After which, a measure tech has to come into your home to measure the windows.  This could be up to a week after you sign your contract.  The average manufacturer takes two to three weeks to make the window, and if all goes well, an installer will be in your home 30 to SIXTY DAYS after your sale is finalized.  You could be waiting a little over a MONTH for your project to be completed!

With North Coast Energy Solutions, YOU DEAL DIRECT WITH THE INSTALLER which means your in home sales presentation AND measure happen at the same appointment.  Saving you time.  At your sales appointment, you will be walked through EXACTLY what your install entails...from removal to clean up so there's little confusion when your install date arrives. matter what your project...always get multiple estimates.  Don't let anyone rush you into signing a contract.